EVENT: 30.06.19. Meditation Day

EVENT: 30.06.19. Meditation Day

"Be Here Now" (Ram Dass)

Sets the tone and the beginning bell for what is planned to be an ongoing series of days, events, retreats that create the space and place to build a community of persons wanting to be engaged in shared meditation practice and support. There will be a variety of facilitators involved.

We will have Days that will offer a variety of meditation experiences from sitting in silence, to mindful dancing, sufi whirling, shaking, humming, darkness mediation, and more.

Our intention to offer the opportunity to explore, be playful and come together to grow and adventure in consciousness and meditation. 

Of course there will be mindful eating as well!

This will be our first "Be Here Now" Meditation Day: June 30th 8am to 1pm 
* Heart Flow Yoga Class ( Rhythmic movement, 
mudras, breathing, mindfulness)
* Kundalini: Shaking Meditation
* Nadabrahma: Humming Meditation
* Circle Meditation: Silence, Chanting, Metta
* Community Sharing of Food

Cost $50 Economy $35 (Concessions as needed-want you to come!)

Facilitated by Sydel  Weinstein (sydel@homeofyoga.com)

EVENTLINK: https://www.facebook.com/events/667517010386000/

As part of our "Be Here Now" Meditation Program there will also be Meditation Events of 1 hour sessions by donation --keep an eye on the Home of Yoga Website and Face Book and Instagram pages!

In Partnership with Act-Belong-Commit and Home of Yoga. 

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